More deer hunted than moose
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Number of red deer shot 2015/2016. Deer hunting is larger than moose hunting.

Red deer hunting2015/2016, preliminary figures




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More deer hunted than moose

A total of 33 800 animals were shot during the hunting year 2015/2016, which is 1 400 fewer than in the previous hunting year. The yield of moose hunting was 31 100 animals.

Red deer felled. Preliminary figures
NumberShareChange in per cent
2015-20162015-20162014-2015 - 2015-20162011-2012 - 2015-2016
Total33 763100.0-3.9-8.3
Calf4 47113.2-3.6-7.3
Yearlings6 17018.3-7.25.4
Older7 24421.5-0.6-10.6
Calf4 04812.0-2.1-7.8
Yearlings4 77014.1-9.6-11.7
Older7 06020.9-1.3-14.5
Figur 1. Percentage of red deer shot of quota. 2015/2016*
Figure2. Number of red deer felled per 10 km² qualifying hunting area. Municipality. 2015/2016*
Figure 3. Number of red deer shot
Figure 4. Municipalities with highest number of red deer shot. 2015/2016*

* = preliminary figures

In total, a felling quota of 54 100 animals was issued, which is 400 less than the previous hunting year. The hunting success rate was 62 per cent.

Strongest decrease in Sogn og Fjordane

The decrease in the number of red deer shot was strongest in Sogn og Fjordane. In total, 9 700 red deer were shot from a quota of 15 200 deer in this county. This is a decrease of 664 from the previous hunting year. In the two other main red deer counties – Møre og Romsdal and Hordaland – 9 100 and 6 700 red deer were shot respectively. In Møre og Romsdal, the number of animals shot dropped by 606, while the number of red deer shot in Sogn og Fjordane decreased by 202 animals.

Number of deer hunters

A total of 45 400 hunters took part in the red deer hunt in the hunting year 2014/2015.