Sales generated NOK 40 billion
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Aquaculture (terminated in Statistics Norway)2013, preliminary figures



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Sales generated NOK 40 billion

In 2013, the first-hand value of Norwegian fish farming reached NOK 40 billion, up 34 per cent from 2012. The produced quantity was 1.25 million tonnes.

Matfisk (tonn)SharePer centFirst hand valuePer cent
2012 - 2013(NOK million)2012 - 2013
Total1 246 544100.0-5.640 13333.6
Salmon1 165 95493.5-5.437 53734.3
Rainbow trout72 6005.8-2.82 32737.2
Cod3 7700.3-62.4120-42.8
Halibut1 3850.1-20.4107-19.5
Shellfish2 3630.218.11319.7
Other fish species:::::

Ninety-four per cent of the production in fish farming in 2013 was reared salmon. In total, 1.17 million tonnes of salmon was produced, corresponding to a first-hand value of NOK 37.5 billion.

The average price per kilo increased from NOK 23 in 2012 to NOK 32 in 2013.

Larger stocks

At the end of 2013, the total stock in salmon farms was 412 million live fish. This is an increase of almost 4 per cent compared to 2012, and a record high figure.

Rising prices for trout

For reared trout, the produced quantity was 72 600 tonnes; a decrease of 3 per cent from 2012. The average price per kilo increased from NOK 23 in 2012 to NOK 32 in 2013.

Less production of halibut and cod

Compared to 2012, the production of reared cod and halibut decreased by 62 and 20 per cent respectively. A total of 3 800 tonnes of cod and 1 400 tonnes of halibut were produced.


Overall, 5 700 persons were engaged in aquaculture production in 2013; a slight decrease from the previous year.

New conversion factor from 2000Open and readClose

Quantity is quoted as round weight. Fish that is delivered gutted is converted into round weight. The conversion factors from NS 9417 were adopted in 2000. The new conversion factors are as follows, with the old factors in parenthesis: salmon gutted with head - 1.125 (1.125), salmon gutted and decapitated - 1.266 (1.2857), rainbow trout gutted with head - 1.135 (1.125) and rainbow trout gutted and decapitated - 1.265 (1.2857).