Sold over a million tonnes
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Aquaculture (terminated in Statistics Norway)2010, preliminary figures



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Sold over a million tonnes

Once again the aquaculture industry achieved record-breaking results. For the first time ever, the yearly sales of slaughtered fish exceeded one million tonnes. This corresponded to a first hand value of NOK 30 billion.

Sales of salmon. Quantity and first hand value. 1997-2010*

Golden year for salmon

Salmon was the main product both in quantity and value. The combination of market demand and stable high prices made a golden year for reared salmon. The prices increased by 30 per cent compared to 2009, which resulted in an average price per kilo of NOK 30.30.

For reared trout the produced quantity decreased by 26 per cent compared to 2009. In spite of a falling volume, prices of rainbow trout also increased by 30 per cent. This resulted in an average price per kilo of NOK 31.00.

Growth for other species

For non-salmonoid fish, 2010 was a year with a moderate growth in production. The amount of reared cod rose insignificantly, and reached 21 240 tonnes. A price reduction by 5 per cent compared to 2009 gave an average price of NOK 16.40 per kilo. Higher quantities of char and halibut were also produced. Halibut prices rose by 3 per cent, whilst char and other fish species had a price fall of 5 per cent.

Sales of rainbow trout. Quantity and first-hand value. 1997-2010

Increasing employment

For salmon and rainbow trout production, the number of licenses running stayed almost unchanged in 2010. Nevertheless, the number of employees rose by 561 persons.

For other species the situation was quite the opposite. In spite of more sales, 153 fewer persons were engaged in this business. The total number of employees in reared fish production was 5 110 persons in 2010.

Decrease in loss

For 2010 the magnitude of loss for salmon was lower than in 2009. The loss in per cent of the average stock during the year was 13.6. Rainbow trout had a greater loss, and the loss percentage was calculated to 14.9.

Sales of other fish species. Quantity. 1998-2010. Tonnes

Growth in shellfish production

After several years with a downward trend, 2010 showed a slight growth in both quantity and first hand value. In total, the sales of shellfish amounted to NOK 18.7 million.