One out of four NOK in tax
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Tax statistics for personal tax payers2004



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One out of four NOK in tax

Residents in Norway 17 years and older had an average gross income of NOK 280 500, and average income deduction of NOK 65 600 in 2004. Assessed taxes amounted to an average of NOK 68 900, 24.6 per cent of gross income.

Distinguishing between self-employed and employees and pensioners we find that self-employed had an average gross income of NOK 434 000, while the employees and pensioners had an average of NOK 264 400. Income deductions amounted to NOK 97 500 and NOK 62 000 respectively. Assessed taxes amounted to 27.4 per cent of gross income for self-employed and 24.1 per cent for employees and pensioners.

Less income deductions

Gross income increased by 3 per cent compared with the previous year, while income deductions decreased by 5 per cent. The decrease is mainly due to changes in interest paid, which was reduced from an average of NOK 18 100 in 2003 to NOK 13 700 in 2004. Average minimum deductions increased from NOK 37 100 in 2003 to NOK 40 700 in 2004.

More debt and more money in the bank

Average debt increased by 11 per cent in 2004 compared to the previous year. Adults had on average NOK 355 600 in debt and NOK 137 300 in bank deposits.

Gross income

3.7 million people had taxable gross income in 2004. Resident people 17 years and older constitute 3.5 million of these. In addition, foreigners owning property in Norway, or foreigners with a temporary employment are included. The statistics shows that almost all adult residents had gross income, and about 91 per cent had assessed taxes.

Income from owner occupied dwelling

Almost half of all adults had income from owner occupied dwelling. On average they had NOK 3 700 in income from the dwelling. This income is not computed from the income year 2005.

About the statistics

The statistics are based on the Directorate of Taxes' tax settlement, and include all people with assessed taxes to Norway. The self-employed are defines as all people with entrepreneurial income, entrepreneurial losses and/or estimated personal income from such business activities. For more information about the statistics, got to; About the statistics .