NOK 418 billion in assessed taxes
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Tax statistics for personal tax payers2013



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NOK 418 billion in assessed taxes

In 2013, the total assessed taxes amounted to NOK 418 billion for residents aged 17 years and older. This was an increase of 5.4 per cent from 2012.

Tax statistics for residents 17 years and older
2013Percentage change in amount
Number of persons that have amount on different codesAverage for all persons that have amount on different codes (NOK)2012 - 20132008 - 2013
Gross income4 007 559411 4004.018.2
Basis for Surtax on Gross income3 875 046397 9003.820.9
Ordinary income, after deductions3 902 772309 3003.724.0
Taxable gross wealth3 984 628950 7006.643.5
Debt2 944 122918 4004.625.9
Surtax on gross income982 24624 3004.319.1
Wealth taxes614 64822 40012.669.7
Assessed taxes3 602 597116 1004.123.4

The average assessed tax for persons resident in Norway aged 17 years and older with assessed taxes was NOK 116 100 in 2013; an increase of 4.1 per cent from 2012.

Almost 1 million persons with surtax on gross income

Surtax on gross income increased by 5 per cent and amounted to NOK 23.8 billion in 2013. A total of 982 000 persons had assessed surtax on gross income, which was 9 000 more than in 2012. Ordinary income increased by 5 per cent to NOK 1 207 billion.

Wealth tax

Taxable gross wealth increased by 8.1 per cent from the previous year, and debt increased by 7 per cent. A total of 614 000 persons resident in Norway aged 17 and over were assessed with wealth tax, and this amounted to NOK 13.8 billion. The tax free amount for wealth tax increased from NOK 750 000 in 2012 to NOK 870 000 in 2013. Average wealth tax for those who were assessed with wealth tax was NOK 22 400; an increase of 12.6 per cent from 2012.

Assessed taxes for non-residents

Tax payers that were not registered as residents in Norway were assessed with NOK 11.4 billion in taxes in 2013. This applied to a total of 251 000 persons, including Norwegians and foreigners residing abroad and estates of deceased persons.