NOK 397 billion in assessed taxes
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Tax statistics for personal tax payers2012



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NOK 397 billion in assessed taxes

Figures from the tax settlement 2012 show that the assessed taxes amounted to NOK 397 billion for residents 17 years and older. This is an increase of 6 per cent from 2011. In addition, NOK 10 billion was assessed in taxes for non-residents.

Tax statistics for residents 17 years and older
20122012Percentage change in amount
Number of persons that have amount on different codesAverage for those that have amount on different codes (NOK)2011 - 20122007 - 2012
Gross income3 954 557395 6004.233.6
Basis for Surtax on Gross income3 827 955383 2004.424.8
Ordinary income, after deductions3 856 880298 2004.324.1
Taxable gross wealth3 929 104891 8005.742.3
Debt2 876 726878 3005.226.8
Surtax on gross income973 25423 3005.021.4
Property taxes657 39719 9003.182.6
Assessed taxes3 560 975111 5004.423.9

More people with surtax of gross income

Surtax of gross income increased by 7.3 per cent and amounted to NOK 22.7 million. A total of 973 000 persons had assessed surtax of gross income in 2012. This is 23 000 more than in 2011. Ordinary income increased by 5.9 per cent to NOK 1 150 billion. County and community tax increased by 6 per cent from the previous year.

Tax deductions

About 352 000 persons utilised the deduction of home investment saving. This is an increase of 23 000 persons from the previous year.

About 730 000 persons had the tax deduction for old age pensioners, with an average of NOK 17 300.

Property tax

Taxable gross wealth increased by 7 per cent from the previous year, and debt increased by 7 per cent. A total of 657 000 persons were assessed with wealth tax that amounted to NOK 13 billion. The tax free amount for wealth tax increased from NOK 700 000 in 2011 to NOK 750 000 in 2012.