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Tax for personal tax payers2019, preliminary figures



The publication of Tax for personal tax-payers 2019 is postponed to at least mid-January 2021. This is because the deadline for submitting the tax return for self-employed persons has been postponed, resulting in delayed availability of input data.

Taxable incomes for residents 17 years and older. NOK Million1
201920182018 - 2019
Change in per cent
1Numbers for last year are preliminary.
Wages and remuneration1 359 0821 292 3215.2
Unemployment Benefits9 06010 618-14.7
Work Assessment Allowance29 14332 059-9.1
Disability benefits from the national insurance scheme92 28785 7047.7
Old-age pensions222 683212 1255.0
Old-age pensions, persons 62-66 years17 47317 4670.0