Increased entrepreneurial income
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Increased entrepreneurial income

Entrepreneurial income for self-employed amounted to NOK 232 000 on average in 2005. This is an increase of NOK 50 000 or 27.4 per cent from the previous year. Estimated personal income from self-employment was NOK 165 000, an increase of 6 per cent.

Self-employed in primary industries had the highest growth in entrepreneurial income with NOK 105 000 or close to 40 per cent. Self-employed in other industries had an increase in entrepreneurial income of NOK 92 000 on average.

The increase is probably partly due to changes in tax rules in 2006. While profit from sales of capital income was treated as capital income and taxed at 28 per cent in 2005, it was treated as personal income in 2006.

Entreprenurial income. Average NOK. 2004 and 2005
  Total Primary industry Other industries Wages and
public pensions
Entreprenurial income 2004  182 300  261 600  379 400 37 600
Entreprenurial income 2005  232 200  366 600  471 400 42 800
Increase from 2004 27.4 40.1 24.2 13.8


Self-employed carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, painters and others had an average gross income of NOK 416 000, of which entrepreneurial income was NOK 363 000, capital income NOK 33 000 and wage income NOK 19 000.

Average personal income amounted to NOK 332 000, of which NOK 313 000 was estimated personal income from construction.


Self-employed in shops, bars, restaurants and inns had a gross income of NOK 408 000, of which entrepreneurial income was NOK 334 000, capital income NOK 48 000 and wage income NOK 24 000.

Average personal income amounted to NOK 270 000, of which NOK 247 000 was estimated personal income from trade.


Self-employed manufacturers had an average gross income of NOK 384 000, of which entrepreneurial income was NOK 324 000, capital income NOK 34 000 and wage income NOK 25 000.

Average personal income amounted to NOK 281 000, of which estimated personal income from manufacturing was NOK 257 000.

Wages and pension

Self-employed with main income from wages and pensions is a large and diverse group, including self-employed who are downsizing or starting a business, and people who combine self-employment with employment.

Average gross income was NOK 461 000 in 2005, of which wages and pension amounted to NOK 309 000, capital income NOK 107 000, and entrepreneurial income only NOK 43 000.

Average personal income amounted to NOK 345 000.