Entrepreneurial income up 3 per cent
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Entrepreneurial income up 3 per cent

Entrepreneurial income for the self-employed amounted to NOK 243 000 on average in 2014. This is an increase of NOK 8 000 or 3 per cent from the previous year.

Income for self-employed, by main income. Average NOK
TotalIndustryWages and public pensions
Number of self-employed (persons)330 540126 336204 204
Gross income (NOK)613 200668 100579 200
Entreprenurial income (NOK)243 400549 40054 100
Wages and public pensions314 90063 600470 400
Capital income (NOK)53 40053 00053 600
Assessed taxes (NOK)179 600221 400153 800
Figure 1. Entrepreneurial income for self-employed, by main income. Average NOK

A total of 330 540 persons reported entrepreneurial income in 2014. This is a decrease of 3 000 from 2013.

Wages and public pensions form main income for about 6 in 10

About 60 per cent of the self-employed have their main income from wages and public pensions. The number of self-employed whose main income is from wages was the same compared to the previous year, while the self-employed whose main income is from industries decreased by 2 per cent.

Increase in operating profit in sole proprietorships

About 273 000 persons were assessed as a sole proprietorship in 2014. Sole proprietorships with main income from industries had operating profit just over NOK 494 000 on average; about NOK 12 000 more than 2013. Operating income amounted to NOK 1 314 000 on average, which is an increase of NOK 9 000 from the previous year, while operating expenses amounted to NOK 820 000.

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The data is collected electronically from the Directorate of Taxes.

A self-employed person is a person who conducts business at his or her own risk. Married couples are counted as two self-employed persons when they share the taxable entrepreneurial income. One self-employed person can run more than one business. The self-employed are classified by whether their main income comes from industries or wages and pensions.

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