Reports 2013/43

Nursing and care services 2012

Statistics on services and recipients

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IPLOS is a register with individual encrypted information about all recipients of care in Norwegian municipalities. Since 2007 this has been the main data source for the Norwegian nursing and care statistics.

The number of recipients of long-term care has increased by 8 percent during the period 2007-2012. There has been no major change in the distribution by age, sex or need for assistance among the recipients. The recipients of long-term care in nursing homes have the highest percentage with extensive need for assistance. Recipients of home nursing and home help with extensive need for assistance have been receiving an increasing number of hours of assistance per week.

Recipients of home care who are under the age of 67 years, receive more hours of help per week than older recipients. The reason for this is that older persons with extensive needs often receive help in a nursing home, while the policy is to avoid institutionalisation of persons under the age of 67 years with extensive needs, and assist them in their own homes as much as possible.

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