Growth in manufacturing turnover
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplySeptember 2009



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Growth in manufacturing turnover

The turnover in Norwegian manufacturing rose by 3.9 per cent from second quarter to third quarter, according to seasonally adjusted figures.

Manufacturing. Seasonally adjusted. Three-month average 2000-2009

Index of turnover for manufacturing January 2000-September 2009, 2005=100

The turnover increased by 3.4 per cent in the domestic marked and by 4.2 per cent in the export market. The domestic marked stands for two thirds of the total market for Norwegian manufacturing. The turnover went up for food products, machinery and equipment, basic metals and fabricated metal products this last three-month period.

Largest increase in basic metals

Seasonally adjusted figures for the last three-month period show that basic metals had the largest increase in turnover with 20.4 per cent. Turnover rose by 23.6 per cent in the export marked and fell by 13.8 per cent in the domestic market. The increase in turnover for this industry is a product of both increased volume of production and higher prices. See Index of production and the Producer price index for more details.

Positive figures also for fabricated metal products and mineral products

The last three-month period shows an increase in turnover for fabricated metal products by 11.8 per cent and for mineral products by 11.3 per cent. Machinery and equipment also increased turnover by 6.7 per cent this period.

Ships, boats and oil platform continue to go down

The turnover for ships, boats and oil platforms decreased by 6.4 per cent this last three-month period. In the home marked the turnover rose by 7.5 per cent, but in the export marked the turnover fell by 51.2 per cent. The turnover in this industry is affected by which months the projects are delivered. Statistics of new orders shows fewer new orders and lower order reserves for the time coming, which can contribute to further decline in turnover for ships, boats and oil platforms in the future.

Decrease from August to September

Seasonally adjusted figures show a decline in turnover by 2.5 per cent for manufacturing from August to September this year.

September 2009 weaker than September 2008

Unadjusted figures show a decline in Norwegian manufacturing turnover by 10.2 per cent for September 2009 compared to September last year. The turnover in the export market fell 21.5 per cent, while the turnover in the domestic market rose by 3.0 per cent

Norway and the Euro area

Norwegian manufacturing turnover decreased by 8.9 per cent from August 2008 to August 2009 according to unadjusted figures. Manufacturing in the euro area fell 17.9 per cent in the same period, according to figures published by Eurostat .

Statistics on turnover of oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and gas supply. September 2009
  Original series.1
January-September 2009
Changes in per cent.
January-September 2008-
January-September 2009
Original series.1
September 2009
Changes in per cent.
September 2008-
September 2009
Changes in per cent.
Seasonally adjusted.
April 2009-June 2009-
July 2009-September 2009
The overall turnover 1 035 628 -15.2  115 489 -17.2 3.2
Extraction and related services  393 963 -24.2 39 374 -20.1 4.8
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying  566 232 -8.6 70 283 -10.6 4.0
Domestic market  365 335 -1.8 46 271 -3.2 3.2
Export market  200 896 -18.7 24 012 -22.0 4.1
Electricity, Gas and Steam Supply 75 434 -9.2 5 832 -49.5 -12.9
Main industrial groupings          
Intermediate goods  226 576 -10.2 28 558 -10.1 5.5
Capital goods  193 502 4.9 22 717 -11.3 2.2
Consumer goods  144 485 1.1 18 421 -0.9 2.1
Energy goods  471 066 -26.6 45 794 -27.9 2.3
1  NOK million.