Increase in manufacturing
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyJuly 2005



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Increase in manufacturing

Total turnover in Norwegian manufacturing amounted to almost NOK 135 billion in the period May to July 2005, a 5.4 per cent increase from the same period in 2004. All the main industrial groupings except consumer goods experienced positive growth.

Turnover in Norwegian oil and gas extraction amounted to approximately NOK 46 billion in July, an increase of 10.4 per cent compared with July last year. The average price of oil was NOK 382 per barrel in July, compared with NOK 262 in July last year, according to external trade figures.

Turnover, main industrial groupings. Seasonally adjusted. 3-months moving average

Intermediate goods

The turnover of intermediate goods increased slightly in the last three-month period compared with the previous period, according to seasonally adjusted figures. The turnover of basic metals, rubber and plastic products and basic chemicals went down in the same period.

Capital goods

The increase in turnover of capital goods continued in the May to July period. The increase was apparent across all sectors, but highest for transport equipment.

Consumer goods

The turnover of consumer goods declined in the May to July period. The largest decline was recorded for food and food products, but this was partly offset by positive figures within furniture and recycling and textiles, wearing apparel and leather.

Statistics on turnover of oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and gas supply. July 2005
  Original series1January-July 05 Changes in per cent January-July 2004 - January-July 2005 Original series1July 2005 Changes in per cent July 2004- July 2005 Changes in per cent. Seasonally adjusted. February 2005-April 2005-
May 2005-Juy 2005
The overall turnover  665 498 10.7 93 610 6.7 3.5
Oil and Gas Extraction  288 733 21.4 45 768 10.4 -0.3
Manufacturing  305 417 3.3 38 740 4.9 4.7
Electricity, Gas and Steam Supply 65 504 4.5 7 996 -4.1 14.9
Main industrial groupings          
Intermediate goods  118 043 2.4 14 668 0.5 0.6
Capital goods 71 214 8.0 8 216 17.8 10.3
Consumer goods 95 807 -5.8 12 129 -9.9 -1.8
Energy goods  380 436 19.5 58 596 11.1 2.9
1  NOK million.