Slight increase in manufacturing
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyMay 2004



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Slight increase in manufacturing

Total turnover in Norwegian manufacturing amounted to NOK 41.5 billion in May. The average turnover in the past three months increased by 0.8 per cent when compared with the previous three-month period. Intermediate and capital goods contribute with positive figures, whereas the figures for consumer goods are negative.

Turnover within Norwegian oil and gas extraction came to NOK 33 billion in May, up 18.1 per cent compared with the same period in 2003. According to external trade figures, the average price of oil was NOK 259 per barrel in May 2004 compared with NOK 175 in May last year.

Turnover, main industrial groupings. Seasonally adjusted. 3-month moving average

Continued rise in intermediate goods

Within the production of intermediate goods, there is still a positive development when compared to the previous three-month period. This is mainly due to an increase in basic metals and basic chemicals. The latter, though, experienced a decrease from April to May this year. Figures for pulp, paper and paper products show a slight decrease from the previous three-month period as well as from April to May.

Increase in capital goods

Compared with the previous three-month period, there has been a rise in the turnover of capital goods. All sectors apart from transport equipment show an increase during the period. Production of oil platforms and modules experienced the greatest increase within this particular grouping. From April to May, though, capital goods experienced a slight decrease in all sectors except for the production of oil platforms and modules.

Consumer goods down

The turnover of consumer goods had a negative effect on the total turnover in Norwegian manufacturing in the last three-month period. This is mainly due to poor figures within food products and publishing, printing and reproduction. Many industries within this particular industrial grouping were affected by strikes at the beginning of May.

Statistics on turnover of oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and gas supply. May 2004
  Original series1. May 2004 Changes in per cent. May 2003- May 2004 Original series1. January-May 2004 Changes in per cent January-May 2003 - January-May 2004 Seasonally adjusted changes in per cent. April 2004-Mai 2004
The overall turnover 82 910 4.6  422 663 0.4 -1.7
Oil and Gas Extraction 33 066 18.1  163 565 10.3 -6.7
Manufacturing 41 562 -0.5  209 824 1.8 -1.7
Electricity, Gas and Steam Supply 7 549 -14.9 46 069 -28.3 14.6
Main industrial groupings          
Intermediate goods 16 415 8.4 81 388 13.4 -0.3
Capital goods 9 716 -3.3 47 239 -10.1 -1.6
Consumer goods 14 024 -7.1 72 169 1.2 0.2
Energy goods 42 754 9.8  221 864 -1.6 -2.5
1  Million NOK.