Slow start for machinery and equipment
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyJanuary 2004



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Slow start for machinery and equipment

Turnover in Norwegian manufacturing was NOK 38.5 billion in January 2004. This is a minor decline from January 2003. Increased turnover within intermediate- and consumer goods subdued the decline within manufacturing, while the trend for capital goods was increasingly negative.

From December to January turnover within manufacturing experienced a slight increase of 0.8 per cent. Consumer goods have had a stable growth in turnover the last three months and intermediate goods have turned a negative trend to a positive one. Capital goods, on the other hand, experienced a marked decrease in turnover, falling 14.7 per cent from December.

Turnover, main industrial groupings. Seasonally adjusted. 3-month moving average

Strong fall for capital goods

Lower turnover within capital goods was mainly a result of a decrease within oil platforms and modules and machinery and equipment. Machinery and equipment has been in a continued decline since august 2003. New orders within this industry, however, show a marked increase, and this can generate an improvement in turnover in the coming months. (Read more: Statistics on new orders. Manufacturing, 4th quarter 2003 )

Intermediate goods up 3.6 per cent

All industries within intermediate goods (pulp, paper and paper products, basic chemicals and basic metals a.o.) experienced increased turnover from December to January, according to seasonally adjusted figures. Pulp, paper and paper products showed growth throughout the last six months of 2003, and the level of turnover has been stable since November 2003. Non-ferrous metals also entered the year with increased turnover.

Consumer goods up 3.5 per cent

Increased turnover within food products was the main contributor to the raise within consumer goods from December to January. However, other industries within the main industrial grouping also experienced growth from December to January, according to seasonally adjusted figures.

Statistics on turnover of oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity
and gas supply. January 2004
  Original series
January 2004
Changes in per cent
January 2003-
January 2004
Original series1
January-January 2004
Changes in per cent
January-January 2003-
January-January 2004
Seasonally adjusted
changes in per cent
December 2003-
The overall turnover 81 890 -7.9 81 890 -7.9 4.1
Oil and Gas Extraction 30 426 -6.4 30 426 -6.4 4.4
Manufacturing 38 439 -3.3 38 439 -3.3 0.8
Electricity, Gas and Steam Supply 12 477 -23.1 12 477 -23.1 1.8
Main industrial groupings          
Intermediate goods 14 953 4.7 14 953 4.7 3.6
Capital goods 7 173 -23.1 7 173 -23.1 -14.7
Consumer goods 14 229 0.0 14 229 0.0 3.5
Energy goods 45 534 -10.8 45 534 -10.8 12.1
1  NOK million.