Continued stability in turnover
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyOctober 2002



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Continued stability in turnover

Total turnover in manufacturing was approximately NOK 43.5 billion in September 2002, a 0.9 per cent decline compared to the same period last year. From August to September this year seasonally adjusted figures show a slighter decline of 0.2 per cent.

September figures show a continued decline in turnover for export related industries. The negative trend might be a result of a strong currency as well as high production costs. The decline is evident within industries such as refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products as well as pulp, paper and paper products. All of which have experienced a more than 10 per cent drop in turnover compared to September 2001, according to unadjusted figures. Seasonally adjusted figures also show a negative trend for these industries from August to September.

Total turnover in manufacturing

The weak development within manufacturing is caused by industries such as refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products and basic metals as well as electrical and optical equipment, pulp, paper and paper products and publishing, printing and reproduction. However, industries that produce oil platforms and modules, transport equipment and food products, have reduced the negative effect on turnover. These industries have all experienced an increase from August to September this year, according to seasonally adjusted figures.

Turnover for oil and gas extraction has increased compared to September last year, according to unadjusted figures. Seasonally adjusted figures, however, show a 1.2 per cent decline from August to September.

By main industrial groupings

From August to September this year, seasonally adjusted figures show that both energy goods and intermediate goods have had a slight decline. Investment goods and consumer goods, on the other hand, have experienced an increase in the same period. Compared to figures from September 2001, all main industrial groupings have seen increases. Consumer goods and energy goods has had the most distinctive growth, 7.5 and 8.2 per cent respectively. Durable consumer goods however has had a 10.1 per cent decrease from September 2001.

Statistics on turnover of oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and gas supply.
August 20022
  Original series1 Endring i prosent Seasonally adjusted changes in per cent
  September 2002 September 2001-September 2002 June 2002-July 2002 July2002-August 2002 August 2002-September 2002
The overall index 85 889 5.5 -0.7 -4.3 -1.8
Oil and Gas Extraction 35 512 10.8 -2.2 -8.7 -1.2
Manufacturing 43 532 -0.9 -1.2 -12.1 -0.2
Electricity, Gas and Steam Supply 5 775 24.1 4.5 -4.8 8.0
Main industrial groupings          
Intermediate goods 15 570 0.8 0.4 1.0 -0.2
Capital goods 11 722 0.2 -3.4 1.9 0.7
Consumer goods 15 804 7.5 0.7 -5.0 4.5
Energy goods 42 792 8.2 -4.4 -1.9 -1.9
1  Million NOK.
2  The table is corrected 8 November 2002.