No significant changes in manufacturing
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Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supplyDecember 2000



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No significant changes in manufacturing

From January to December 2000 enterprises within manufacturing sold for NOK 471 billion. This was approximately the same as in the corresponding period in 1999. Including turnover from oil and gas extraction and electricity the overall revenues were above twenty per cent higher in 2000 than the year before.

The revenues within manufacturing in 2000 had a minimal increase just up 0.2 per cent from 1999.

High turnover within manufacturing of chemicals and metals contributed to a great deal of the growth, while food products, oil platforms and transport equipment pulled the overall revenues down.

The revenues of oil and gas were above NOK 372 billion in 2000 an increase of 72 per cent compared with January - December 1999. The manufacture of electricity, gas and steam supply had a somewhat lower growth.

The high revenues within oil and gas extraction were results of a record high price of crude oil (Brent Blend). High demands for oil and gas, and low stock of oil in the USA and partly Europe were the main factors behind the increase. The average price of crude oil (Brent Blend) was NOK 250 per barrel in 2000.