Updated electricity figures
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The electricity statistics maps the production and consumption of electricity. Electricity production was 0.3 per cent higher in November 2016 compared to November 2015.

ElectricityNovember 2016



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Updated electricity figures

The electricity statistics are published monthly. Electricity figures for November are now available in the Statbank.

Generation and consumption of electricity. GWh
November 2016PercentagesChange in per cent from the same month in last year
Total production of power13 167100,00.3
Hydro power12 65296.10.0
Thermal power2822.15.4
Wind power2321.814.4
Net consumption of electricity11 844100,08.5
Consumption in extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas6415.45.5
Total consumption of electricity in power intensive manufacturing2 98625.20.7
Consumption without extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas and power intensive manufacturing8 21769.411.8