Rise in electricity production
Energy and manufacturing
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The electricity statistics map the production and consumption of electricity. Electricity production was 11 per cent higher in January 2016 compared to January 2015.

ElectricityJanuary 2016



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Rise in electricity production

Electricity generation came to 16 376 GWh in January 2016. This is 11 per cent higher compared with January 2015.

Generation and consumption of electricity. GWh
January 2016PercentagesChange in per cent from the same month in last year
Total production of power16 376100,010.9
Hydro power15 83596.711.7
Thermal power3091.95.3
Wind power2321.4-22.6
Net consumption of electricity14 019100,011.1
Consumption in extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas6794.814.3
Total consumption of electricity in power intensive manufacturing3 11622.24.6
Consumption without extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas and power intensive manufacturing10 22472.913.0

New data source for calculated net lossOpen and readClose

From January 2016, the basis for calculating net loss was changed from utilising loss shares of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate to loss shares calculated from net loss reported in the annual electricity statistics. This affects the series net loss, net consumption of electric power and consumption without power-intensive manufacturing and extraction somewhat. The new way of calculating net loss ensures a closer correspondence between the monthly and the annual electricity statistics. All series in Statbank are updated dating back to January 2010.