High production in October
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ElectricityOctober 2007



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High production in October

The production of power came to 11 664 GWh in October, the third highest production figure since the measurements started in 1979. Gross consumption of electricity totalled 10 658 GWh, the second highest figure ever recorded.

Production, consumption and export surplus of electric energy in October. 1979-2007. GWh

Production, consumption and export surplus of electric energy per month. GWh

The production of power in October was 35.9 per cent higher than in the corresponding month last year and 3.2 per cent higher than in October 2005. The high production must be seen in connection with a very high filling. The filling was higher than the median during October.

Small decrease in filling

The reservoir filling was 93.0 per cent at the beginning of October. Throughout the month, the filling fell by 1.7 percentage points to 91.3 per cent at the end of week 43. The median filling for the corresponding period in the last 15 years is 87.1 per cent.

High electricity consumption

The consumption in power-intensive manufacturing came to 2 612 GWh in October, 3.2 per cent higher than in the corresponding month last year. So far this year, the consumption in power-intensive manufacturing has declined by 1.4 per cent compared with the corresponding period last year.

The consumption in the category “Gross domestic consumption subtracted consumption in power-intensive manufacturing” was 13.2 per cent higher in October compared with the same month last year and the second highest level ever recorded for this month. Households, services and other manufacturing than power-intensive manufacturing account for the majority of this consumption. The average temperature for Norway was 3.41°C in October. A higher average temperature has only been recorded four times; in 1987, 2000, 2001 and 2005 (source: Norwegian Meteorological Institute). Therefore the high consumption of electricity can not be seen in conjunction with the temperature. But there is high economic activity in the Norwegian economy and large production of goods and services increases the need for electricity.

High exports of power

Norway’s imports of power came to 250 GWh in October, while exports totalled 1 256 GWh. Compared with October last year, there has been a shift from net imports to net exports.

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