Decline in production of power
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ElectricityFebruary 2006



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Decline in production of power

The total production of electricity in February amounted to 13 180 GWh. This was 1.6 per cent lower than the production in February 2005. Consumption in energy-intensive manufacturing decreased, while other consumption rose compared to the same period last year.

Production, consumption and export surplus of electric energy in February. 1979-2006. GWh

The gross domestic consumption of electricity was 12 058 GWh in February. This represent a small increase of 1,9 per cent compared to the same period last year. The category other consumption (gross domestic consumption subtracted consumption in energy-intensive manufacturing) contributed the most to the rise in total consumption with an increase of 4 per cent. Consumption in energy-intensive manufacturing fell by 5.2 per cent compared to 2005.

Lower export of electricity

Norway Exported 1 314 GWh, and imported 192 GWh of electricity. Net export amounted to 1 122 GWh, 13,5 per cent lower than in January and 28 per cent lower than February last year. The reservoir filling in mid-February was 55.4 per cent of total capacity. This is the same level as in 2005 and 5,2 per centage points under the median.

Reservoir filling, median and spot prices weekly for February 2006.

Production, consumption and export surplus of electric energy per month. GWh

Average spot price on Nordpool in February was 39.7 NOK øre/kWh, 76.2 per cent more than the same month in 2005.

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