Almost 2.5 million dwellings
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Dwelling statistics. Number of dwellings by type of building, year of construction, utility floor space, number of floors, rooms, baths, WC, elevator and urban settlement. Dwellings on geographical grid.

Dwellings1 January 2016



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Almost 2.5 million dwellings

New register-based counts show that there are almost 2.5 million dwellings in Norway. The number of dwellings has increased by almost 30 000 during 2015.

Dwellings (occupied and vacant), by buildingtype and year1
2015 - 2016
1Changes last period are net changes. Some changes may be due to variable lag in registering of new dwellings.
Total2 446 6862 476 51929 833
Detached house1 197 0461 204 3507 304
House with 2 dwellings211 978214 7662 788
Row house, linked house and house with 3 dwellings or more281 826286 1784 352
Multi-dwelling building557 523570 48212 959
Residence for communities50 19151 9941 803
Other building148 122148 749627
Figure 1. Dwellings by building type. 1st of January 2016

There were a total of 2 476 519 dwellings in Norway as at 1 January 2016. Forty-three per cent of the net increase in dwellings were in the form of flats, with almost 13 000 new flats. 

Detached houses on top

Dwelling units can be grouped by type of building. Detached houses constituted almost half (1 204 350). Flats in multi-dwelling buildings follow with 570 482, while there were 286 178 dwellings in row houses, linked houses and houses with three or four dwellings. There were 214 766 dwellings in houses with two dwellings and 51 994 dwellings in residences for communities. The remaining 148 749 dwellings are registered in buildings where the main part of the floor space is used for purposes other than dwelling; mainly industrial buildings. 

Both dwelling units and single rooms are counted as dwellings. About 43 per cent of the net increase of dwellings last year was flats. 

New figures for 2012, 2013 and 2014

Statistics Norway has revised the method for unit imputation that was introduced after the 2011 round of population and housing census. New figures are published for 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Change in methodOpen and readClose

In connection with the population and housing census in 2011, almost 50 00 dwellings were imputes, based on criteria of surplus of household compared with dwellings in a building over time. However, this turned out to have some undesired instability and lack of comparability with the building statistics’ figures for building start permits. Statistics Norway has therefore decided not to use this method of imputing dwellings. 

However, dwellings are still imputed where the population register indicates that leisure homes are used as whole year residential buildings. The population register is also used to overrule other information, i.e. lack of approval certificate if people are registered living at the address.


Enhanced qualityOpen and readClose

The quality of the dwelling statistics is gradually improving each year. Most of the dwellings in buildings with little information are gradually being replaced with new buildings, or new information is available when dwellings are for sale. In addition, the increase in the number of registers used in the production of the statistics also affects the quality.