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  • Statistics from the Population and housing census 2011 to continue

    The statistics for households and dwellings that are based on registers have now been harmonised. As a result, many of the statistics from the Population and housing census 2011 can be published annually.

  • Different methods - comparable results

    Most countries in the world conduct censuses, but the way they carry them out differs from country to country. Nevertheless, it is important that the results can be compared. The bulk of the information that is collected is therefore the ...

  • Towards register-based census step by step

    While households have provided the necessary information themselves for previous censuses, this year they don't need to do anything. All the necessary information will be retrieved from registers. However, this has not happened overnight;...

  • Census without questionnaire

    The next census in Norway is due to take place in 2011, with a census date of 19 November. For the first time ever, no questionnaire will be used in the census. Instead, data that is collected by other authorities will be used, thus savin...