Lower net migration
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The statistics show population changes per quarter. The population in Norway was 5 177 000 on 1 April.

Population and population changeQ2 2015



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Lower net migration

The population increased by 12 400 in the 2nd quarter, to nearly 5 189 400 at 1 July. Net migration from abroad decreased by almost 1 100 compared to the same quarter last year. While net migration caused by labour slowed down, net migration from countries with conflicts increased.

Population and changes during quarter
2nd quarter 20152nd quarter 2014Changes from same period previous year
Population at the beginning of the quarter5 176 9985 124 38352 615
Births15 80715 76938
Deaths9 6559 832-177
Excess of births6 1525 937215
Immigration14 10313 805298
Emigration7 8186 4461 372
Net migration, immigration and emigration incl6 2857 359-1 074
Population growth12 43713 296-859
Population at the end of the quarter5 189 4355 137 67951 756

The population growth of 12 400 is 900 lower than in the 2nd quarter of 2014, and the lowest growth in any second quarter since 2006. The somewhat lower population growth is due to higher out-migration. The number of in-migrations from abroad increased by nearly 300 compared to the same quarter last year, while the number of out-migrations increased by about 1 400.

About 30 per cent of the out-migrations registered are due to the ongoing clearing-up in the Central Population Register by the Tax Administration of out-migrated persons who no longer live in Norway. Net migration in the 2nd quarter is the highest in any quarter since the 2nd quarter of 2009. Net migration decreased by 3 000 compared to the first six months last year.

Lower net migration from Poland

Net migration of citizens from Eastern Europe, who mainly immigrate due to labour, is slowing down, while net migration from countries with conflicts is increasing. The Poles are still the largest group of foreign nationals who immigrated to Norway in the 2nd quarter, but due to the fact that many Poles were registered as out-migrated in the same period, citizens from Eritrea made up the largest group in terms of net migration.

The list of countries with high net migration shows that citizens from Eritrea, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan followed. Very few of these out-migrated.

The population growth is still highest in Akershus

A total of 15 800 children were born in the 2nd quarter and 9 700 persons died. This is 200 fewer deaths and somewhat more births compared to last year. Almost all counties had population growth in the 2nd quarter, except Oppland. The counties around the Oslo Fjord had the highest relative population growth. As last year, Akershus had the highest growth with 3 200 persons, followed by Vestfold and Østfold.

Oslo, Rogaland and Hordaland had the highest birth surplus, while Hedmark had a birth deficit in the 2nd quarter.

More persons moved from than to Oslo

Oslo had an internal migration loss that was higher than the migration surplus from abroad. Oppland, Sør-Trøndelag, Troms and Finnmark also had an internal migration loss, while the other counties, and Akershus in particular, had a migration surplus.

All counties had an immigration surplus from abroad, but particularly Oslo, Finnmark and Troms.

Lowest population increase since 2007

Looking back at the year so far, we found that the population growth is the lowest since 2007 and net migration is the lowest since 2006. About 3 100 persons immigrated to Norway and about half as many out-migrated. Almost 30 000 children were born and about 21 000 persons died. The birth surplus is thus 8 700. The birth surplus and the net migration combined make a population increase of nearly 24 000 or 0.46 per cent of the population for the first six months.

Clearing-up in the Central Population RegisterOpen and readClose

Persons who stay in the country for less than six months are not registered and are not included in the figures. The Tax Administration undertakes an ongoing clear-up of the Central Population Register of out-migrated persons who no longer live in Norway. In recent years, clearing-up the Central Population Register has been standard practice.