Population passed 4.7 million in June
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Population and population changeQ2 2007



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Population passed 4.7 million in June

Norway’s population increased by 13 100 and passed the 4.7 million mark in the second quarter. 60 per cent of the growth was due to net migration, of which Polish citizens accounted for a third.

Excess of births, net migration and population growth, 2nd quarter. 1987-2007

Norway's population was 4 704 600 on 1 July. The growth is substantially higher than in previous years and twice that towards the end of the 1990s. The excess of births has also been at this level in previous years, but the net migration has never been higher. It is up to five times higher than in the 1990s, and 36 per cent higher than last year.

Highest population growth in central areas

57 per cent of the population growth came in Akershus, Rogaland, Oslo and Hordaland. Only two counties, Sogn og Fjordane and to some extent Nordland, experienced population decline, which was due to a domestic migration deficit.

Inflow of Polish citizens

10 400 foreign citizens migrated to Norway in the second quarter, of which 69 per cent were European citizens. With a net migration of 2 600, Polish citizens are still the largest group by far. Other large groups are German and Lithuanian citizens, with a net migration of almost 500 each. There has also been an increase in net migration of Burmese citizens. With a net migration of 400 they constituted the fourth largest group in the second quarter. 12 500 persons migrated to Norway, while 4 600 migrated from Norway, resulting in net migration into the country of 7 900, an increase of 2 100 from last year.

Net migration. Internal and from abroad, as a percentage of population 2nd quarter 2007

In migration, out migration and net in migration, by citizenship. 1st and 2nd quarter 2007

Polish citizens accounted for one third of the net migration in the first half of 2007, whereas the other large groups did not differ much in terms of size. There are differences in the migratory pattern, however. Whereas 2 000 Swedish citizens migrated to Norway and 1 030 left in the first half of the year, the corresponding figures for Burmese citizens were 500 and fewer than 5.

Highest birth surplus in Oslo

There were 15 200 births and 10 000 deaths in the second quarter. Only the two counties Oppland and Hedmark had a birth deficit. Oslo had the highest birth surplus (1 400). 241 of Norway’s 431 municipalities (56 per cent) had a birth surplus.

Largest domestic migratory deficit in the capital

All counties had a migratory surplus from abroad. This was highest in Rogaland (1 200). Seven counties had a domestic migratory surplus. Akershus had the largest surplus of 870, followed by Østfold with 450. Oslo had the largest domestic migratory deficit (790), followed by Nordland (320). The deficit in the capital is the highest since 2002.

Apart from Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger municipalities had the largest domestic migratory deficits, with 410 and 210 respectively. As far as we know, these are the highest figures recorded to date.