Norwegian population growth by 6 300
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Population and population changeQ1 2005



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Norwegian population growth by 6 300

In the first quarter of 2005 the Norwegian population increased by 6 300 people. This increase of population was composed by an excess of birth of 2 700 and a net in migration of 3 600.

43 per cent of the population growth was in Oslo and Akershus. In Hedmark, Oppland, Telemark, Sogn og Fjordane, Nordland and Finnmark the population decreased, even though these counties had net in-migration from abroad.

Net migration. Internal and from abroad, as a percentage of population.  1st quarter 2005

Excess of births, net migration and population growth, by quarter. 1994-2005

13 900 children were born in the first quarter of 2005 - 430 fewer than in the corresponding quarter last year. There were 11 200 deaths recorded, just about the same as in 2004. As in the last 25-30 years in Hedmark and Oppland more deaths were registered than births. We found the largest surplus of births in the counties Oslo (680), Rogaland (570) and Hordaland (530).

The net in-migration of 3 600 was composed of 8 700 persons immigrated and 5 100 out-migrations in the first quarter of 2005. Compared to the same period last year, the net in-migration is 1 600 higher when the figures were 7 500 and 5 500 respectively. The net immigration made up more than half of the population growth.

If we look at foreign citizens, the highest net in-migration had Poles (530), Russians (380) and Germans (330). Norwegians made up the highest portion.