Less immigration to Norway
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Less immigration to Norway

Net migration in the first six months of 2004 amounted to 4 300 people, 1 800 less than in the same period of 2003. This is the lowest net migration in the first semester in three years. Less immigration from Asia is the main explanation for the decline.

Net migration of foreign citizens. Top 10. 1st and 2nd quarter

Most Somalis and Liberians

The net migration of Somali citizens declined strongly compared with the first six months of 2003, but it is still one of the largest groups. The number of immigrants from Russia and Iraq has also decreased. The highest increase in number of of immigrants compared with last year is from Liberia - from 100 to 400 - and Serbia and Montenegro.

In the first six months of the year the highest net migration flow of foreign citizens was from Somalia (438), Liberia (406), Poland (354) and Thailand (328). Emigration was higher than immigration for citizens from Finland, Iceland and Iraq, with net migration of respectively -179, -87 and -72.

In the second quarter the highest immigration flow of foreign citizens was from Poland. The increase of Polish immigrants can be explained by Poland becoming a member of the EU 1 May.

Net migration. Internal and from abroad, as a percentage of population. Second quarter 2004

Excess of births, net migration and population growth, by quarter. 1990-2004.

Population growth of 7 000

The preliminary total population figure per 1 July 2004 is 4 589 600. The natural increase of 4 650 and the net migration of 2 350 result in a population growth of 7 000 in the first quarter of 2004.


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