Reduced immigration in the first quarter
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Population and population change1 April 2001



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Reduced immigration in the first quarter

Fewer immigrations and more emigrations led to a decrease in net migration of 2 000 for the first quarter this year compared to the same period last year. Still, fewer deaths meant that the population increase was reduced only to 1 700.

 Excess of births, net migration and population growth, by quarter. 1990-2001

The provisional figures for vital statistics in the first quarter 2001 are generally lower than corresponding figures for the first quarter of 2000. The population growth (excess of births plus net migration) at 4 400 is the lowest since the first quarter of 1997, when the figure was approximately the same. We have to go back to the first quarter 1990 to find a lower increase.

Both the number of births and the number of deaths is lower than corresponding numbers for last year, at 14 300 and 11 500 respectively. Last winter's flu epidemic occurred before the turn of the year 2000/2001, hence affecting the number of deaths in the first quarter 2001. While immigration went down from 8 900 to 7 300, emigration rose from 5 300 to 5 800.

 Net migration. Internal and from abroad, as a percentage of population. 1st quarter 2001

Net migration from abroad more than halved

Immigration to Norway, among other reasons due to crises and conflict situations in Europe, has declined over the last quarters. Net migration is more than halved since the first quarter last year, down from 3 600 to 1 600. The immigration surplus is back on approximately the same level as the first quarter 1997.

The net migration of European citizens (except Norwegian citizens) is on the same level as the net migration for African citizens, approximately 500 persons, against Asias 1 000. Iraqi citizens are the largest Asian group. Among African citizens it is the countries on the Horn of Africa, Somalia and Ethiopia, that submit the highest number of citizens to Norway, a total of 400 persons in the first quarter 2001.

4 508 000 inhabitants

The number of inhabitants stood at 4 507 900 per 1 April 2001, according to provisional figures. Sør-Trøndelag increased its population by 400 persons, thereby crossing the limit to 265 000 residents per 1 April this year.