High figures for immigration and emigration
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Population and population change1 July 2000



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High figures for immigration and emigration

In spite of record-high immigration figures for the 2nd quarter, net migration was about the same as in the corresponding quarter of the two previous years: over 3 500 persons. Three fourths of the net figure comprised Iraqi citizens. The preliminary population figure at 1 July was 4 493 000.

The preliminary migration figure for the 2nd quarter shows that 9 500 persons migrated to Norway and 6 000 from Norway. The in-migration gain of 3 500 was equivalent to the figures for the years 1998 and 1999. The number of in-migrations and out-migrations nevertheless increased by 1 800 and 1 600, respectively, from the year before. The extent of in-migration and net migration was actually far lower, being that many Iraqis had arrived earlier. However, the migrations were recorded in the 2nd quarter this year. The preliminary figures show that the population went up by 8 400 in the 2nd quarter, which is equivalent to the same quarter of 1999. The figures for live births and deaths in the 2nd quarter were 15 300 and 10 400, respectively, which are correspondingly 300 and 100 fewer than in the same period last year.

 Excess of births, net migration and population growth, by quarter. 1990-2000.

Asians predominant

Asian citizens showed a registered net immigration of 3 300 in the 2nd quarter. The net figure included more than 2 700 Iraqi citizens. Most of those came to Norway in 1999, but have been waiting for decisions on residence permits. Somali citizens were the second largest individual group, with a net figure of approx. 600. Of European citizens, there were 700 more emigrants from, than immigrants into, Norway. Half of those were Norwegian citizens, while 250 were Swedish. Among Yugoslav citizens there were more than 300 immigrants and nearly 450 emigrants.

 Net migration. Domestic and from abroad as a percentage of the population in the 2nd quarter of 2000.

Continued even regional trend

The recent regional migration imbalance within Norway continued at about the same rate in the 2nd quarter.

The preliminary birth figures for the first six months show a gain of 7 400, which is 400 more than in the corresponding period last year.