Still high fertility
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Still high fertility

Live births in 2000 numbered 59 234. The total fertility rate was at 1.85 children per woman, the same as for 1999. For the twelfth year in row Norwegian birth figures were around 60 000.

 Live births 1976-2000

 Age-specific fertility rates, selected periods, 1966-2000

The fertility rate of women younger than 25 years continued to fall in 2000. Women below 30 years still have the highest birth rates, however their share of the total amount of births is decreasing. The mean age at childbirth has risen steadily the last years to a peak of 27.3 years in 2000, a number 1.8 years higher than in 1990. Fathers were on average 3 years older than mothers.

On the European fertility top

The total fertility rate - or the number of children per woman - was 1.85 in 2000. Compared with the roller coaster fertility rate in Sweden, the Norwegian fertility rate has been stable the last decades. In comparison with the European average the Norwegian fertility rate is high. Only Iceland (1.99) and Ireland (1.88) had a higher fertility rate last year than Norway. The fertility rate in Sweden and Denmark was 1.5 and 1.73 respectively.

 Multiple births per 1000 births. 1977-2000

 Fertility rates per county, 2000

More multiple births

1049 multiple births were registered last year, equivalent to 18 multiple births per 1000 births. During the last years the increase in multiple births have been high. The number of twin births reached an all time peak last year with a total of 1033.

Record few stillbirths

There has never been registered as few stillbirths as last year. Only 225 stillbirths out of 59 459 births in total equals 3.8 stillbirths per 1000 births.

Near half of the children born outside wedlock

There has been a steady increase in the number of births outside wedlock during the last decade. Last year 29 368 births were outside wedlock, a number which equals 49.6 per cent of all births. There are considerable regional differences in this area. In Nord Trøndelag 66.5 per cent of the births were out of wedlock, whereas in Vest-Agder the corresponding rate was 34.9 per cent.

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