Decline in fertility
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Decline in fertility

A total of 58 900 children were born in 2016, almost the same as 2015. This gives a total fertility rate (TRF) for women of 1.71, a decline compared with 2015. In 2009, the total fertility rate was 1.98. Since then, the fertility rate has declined.

Births. Main figures
Live births201620152006
Total58 89059 05858 545
Boys30 38630 36929 989
Girls28 50428 68928 556
Total fertility rate
Age at first birth
Cohabitation status of mother
Married24 93925 18627 191
Cohabitation26 54626 60023 772
Single7 4057 2727 582

Women aged 31-34 years were the most fertile in 2016, and women aged 25-29 years had the second highest fertility rate. Compared to 2015, the fertility rate has increased for women aged 31-34 and decreased for all other age groups.

The total fertility rate for men was 1.54 in 2016, a slight decline compared with 2015. The total fertility rate for men has also gradually declined since 2009. In 2009, the total fertility for men was 1.77.

Age upon giving birth is increasing

In 2016, the mean age for a woman at the first child’s birth was 29.0 years. Thirty years ago, the corresponding age was about 25 years. For men, the mean age at the first child’s birth was 31.5 years. The mean age for all births is also increasing, and was 30.8 years for women and 33.7 years for men in 2016.

Highest fertility in the county of Rogaland

Fertility was highest in the county of Rogaland, with a total fertility rate of 1.87. The lowest fertility rate was registered in the county of Buskerud. Only the counties of Telemark and Aust-Agder had an increase in the fertility rate in 2016.

Most children born to cohabiting couples

A total of 26 500 children born in 2016 had parents who lived as cohabitees, and 24 900 were born to married couples. The percentage of children born to cohabitees was highest in the county of Nord-Trøndelag. Vest-Agder had the largest percentage of children born to married parents. A total of 7 400 children were born to single mothers. Finnmark had the largest percentage of children born to single mothers.

Fewer multiple births

Of 58 100 births in 2016, there were 918 sets of twins and 4 sets of triplets, which corresponds to 15.9 multiple births per 1 000 births. This is the lowest share in 20 years.

Small increase in late foetal deaths

In 2016, the number of late foetal deaths was 183. This corresponds to 3.1 late foetal deaths per 1 000 births. This is an increase of 21 foetal deaths compared to 2015, but fewer than in 2014.