Fewer children at kindergarten
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Svalbard had a total of 2 667 inhabitants on 1 July 2016.

Population of Svalbard1 July 2016



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Fewer children at kindergarten

The population of Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund has risen by 10 during the first six months of 2016, while the number of foreigners has grown from 538 to 567. 

Population in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund, by sex and age
2nd half year 20161
11. halvår is defined as 1 January. 2. halvår is defined as 1 July.
Total2 1621 199963
0 years21912
1-5 years986335
6-12 years1659075
13-15 years612734
16-19 years643826
20-44 years1 116598518
45-66 years600347253
67 years or older372710

Svalbard had a total of 2 667 inhabitants on 1 July 2016. There were 2 152 inhabitants in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund, and 495 in Barentsburg and Pyramiden.

One of the most distinct changes in the population in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund in recent years is a decline in the number of children aged 1–5. In 2013, this group totalled 157, and by 1 July 2016 the number had dropped to 98.