More foreigners and fewer Norwegians
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Population of Svalbard1 January 2016



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More foreigners and fewer Norwegians

Svalbard had a total of 2 654 inhabitants on 1 January 2016. There were 2 152 inhabitants in the Norwegian settlements and 492 in the Russian settlements.

Population in the Norwegian settlements of Svalbard, by sex and age
1st half year 20161
11. halvår is defined as 1 January. 2. halvår is defined as 1 July.
Total2 1521 211941
0 years1697
1-5 years1147440
6-12 years1709278
13-15 years572532
16-19 years673829
20-44 years1 096589507
45-66 years598359239
67 years or older34259

The population composition in the Norwegian settlements has changed in recent years. Since 1 July 2012, the number of Norwegians has declined from 1 788 to 1 614, while the number of foreigners has risen from 407 to 538 (figure 3).

The Swedes make up the largest group of foreign men, followed by Thais. For the women, it is the other way round (figure 4). During the last year, the fastest growing group has been women from the Philippines, which almost doubled in size, from 10 to 19.