Norwegians most settled
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Population of Svalbard1 July 2009



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Norwegians most settled

A total of 2 140 persons were registered in the Norwegian settlements at Svalbard as per 1 July 2009; 1 223 men and 917 women. Thus, in the first half-year, the population increased by 55. There were 29 more foreign nationals and 26 more from Norway; made up of 44 women and 11 men. During the same period, the number of inhabitants in Barentsburg fell by almost 50, which means the overall figure has remained fairly stable.

There has been a great deal of movement in the population in the Norwegian settlements. In the half-year from January to June, 200 persons moved to Svalbard and 163 moved away. The former corresponds to 10 per cent of the population as at 1 January 2009, while the latter corresponds to 8 per cent. These figures differ for foreign nationals and those with a background from mainland Norway.

Norwegians are most settled. Immigration corresponded to 8 per cent of the Northerners living at Svalbard as at 1 January and emigration corresponded to 7 per cent. As a percentage of domiciled foreign nationals as at 1 January, a total of 19 per cent moved to Svalbard and 12 per cent moved away.

Who are counted as residents at Svalbard:

The Population register of Svalbard (BRSV) comprises all persons living in the Norwegian settlements at Svalbard, who intend to stay for at least six months. This includes residents of Norway and foreign nationals living at Svalbard.

Norwegian residents living at Svalbard are registered in two registers; as residents in a municipality in mainland Norway, and as a resident at Svalbard.