Banking and financial markets

Financial corporations, balance sheetOctober 2015

As from 2016 the statistics is published with Banks and mortgage companies.


State lending institutions. Loans by industry. NOK million
October 2015September 2015August 2015July 2015
1Due to the main revision of the national accounts in 2014 there is a new definition of Mainland-Norway. Parts of the industry of ‘Services linked to extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas’ will now be classified under the industry of ‘Mining and quarrying’, also a part of the industry of ‘Sea transport abroad’ and ‘Transport via pipelines’ will now be classified under the industry of ‘Transportation and storage’. The shift will basically occur in the period from October to December 2014.
All industries76 62676 21776 05075 748
Agriculture4 9604 9684 9845 002
Fishing and hunting5 2215 2415 2475 093
Fish farming services371348345344
Mining and quarrying125242524
Services linked to extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas1........
Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas........
Manufacturing industry1 8921 9002 0002 028
Ship and boat building296299303304
Electricity and water supply991009794
Water supply, drainage and waste disposal20242626
Real estate development1 2091 0611 0451 025
Building and construction work beyond real estate development336333330331
Commodity trade etc120124127127
Sea transport abroad and transport via pipelines1159159110111
Transportation and storage1373376380386
Hotels and restaurants933944945947
Information and communication232229225220
Real estate, renting and business activities44 21344 06243 89643 881
Professional and financial services469470479464
Businesslike services196196210210
Other service activities15 40315 25815 17715 020