More money in the bank
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Financial corporations, balance sheetMarch 2015

New classifications of type of deposits

Statistics Norway is implementing a change to the classification of type of deposits. This entails a postponement in publications of tables including deposits from the next statistical release. For more information, see "Pengemengdestatistikken. Kilder og metoder innenfor rammen av internasjonale standarder" (in Norwegian only).

As from 2016 the statistics is published with Banks and mortgage companies.



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More money in the bank

Total deposits in domestic banks amounted to NOK 3 115 billion at the end of March, up 10.0 per cent from end-March last year. Growth in deposits from non-financial corporations was strongest in the public sectors.

Balance sheet. Selected figures. NOK million and per cent
March 2014March 2015March 2014 - March 2015
Bank total assets4 214 4864 700 80511.5
Deposits2 832 2653 114 74910.0
Loans3 065 2843 457 26212.8
Mortgage companies
Bank total assets1 767 7241 967 28011
Loans1 511 1431 534 8741.6

Bank deposits from domestic non-financial corporations amounted to NOK 636 billion at end-March 2015, up from NOK 585 billion at end-March 2014, which equals a twelve-month growth in deposits of 8.7 per cent. Deposits from domestic non-financial corporations constituted a share of 20 per cent of total deposits at end-March.

Deposits from domestic households totalled NOK 1 028 billion at end-March, up from NOK 985 billion at end-March the previous year, which is an increase of 7.3 per cent. The households’ deposits constituted a share of 33 per cent of total deposits at end-March.

Highest growth in deposits from foreign Sources

The twelve-month growth in deposits from foreign sources increased from 3.7 per cent at end -February to 14.1 per cent at end-March. Deposits from foreign sources account for the largest share of deposits, with 35 per cent of total deposits.

At end-March, the deposits from foreign sources amounted to NOK 1 079 billion. Deposits from foreign banks and other financial corporations constituted a share of 85 per cent of these deposits.

Non-financial corporations place most in transaction deposits

Total transaction deposits amounted to NOK 1 230 billion at end-March. Domestic non-financial corporations and households placed NOK 426 and NOK 272 billion of these deposits respectively. As a share of total transaction deposits, this constituted 35 and 22 per cent respectively.

Other deposits totalled NOK 1 884 billion at end-March, of which NOK 756 billion came from domestic households. Domestic non-financial corporations had NOK 210 billion in other deposits at end-March.