Weak growth in loans to industry
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Financial corporations, balance sheetFebruary 2015

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Weak growth in loans to industry

The growth in loans to industry was 1.4 per cent from end-February 2014 to end-February this year. Following a negative twelve-month loan growth in most of 2014, the growth has been positive in the first two months of this year.

Balance sheet. Selected figures. NOK million and per cent
February 2014February 2015February 2014 - February 2015
Bank total assets4 330 1534 620 5496.7
Deposits2 905 6633 073 4625.8
Loans3 094 8213 381 2669.3
Mortgage companies
Bank total assets1 769 4011 916 7968
Loans1 517 0771 513 573-0.2

Loans from financial corporations to industry amounted to NOK 70 billion at the end of February, down from NOK 72 billion the previous month. Loans outstanding to industry have been stable at around NOK 70 billion since end-November 2013, and made up 4.8 per cent of total loans to industries at end-February.

Total loans to industries from financial corporations was NOK 1 468 billion at end-February, nearly unchanged compared to the previous month. The twelve-month growth in loans to industries was 4.1 per cent to end-February, marginally down from 4.2 per cent the month before.

Real estate, renting and business activities account for the largest share of industry loans, with 42 per cent of total loans. These loans amounted to NOK 616 billion at the end of February, and the twelve-month growth was 5.2 per cent to end-February.