More money in the bank
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Financial corporations, balance sheetMarch 2014

As from 2016 the statistics is published with Banks and mortgage companies.



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More money in the bank

Total deposits in Norwegian banks amounted to NOK 2 832 billion at the end of March, up NOK 215 billion or 8.2 per cent, from end-March last year. Growth in deposits from non-financial corporations was strongest among the domestic sectors.

Balance sheet. Selected figures. NOK million and per cent
March 2013March 2014March 2013 - March 2014
Bank total assets3 924 7244 214 4887.4
Deposits2 617 3262 832 2658.2
Loans2 734 1873 065 28712.1
Mortgage companies
Bank total assets1 725 0031 767 7242
Loans1 478 8021 511 1432.2

Bank deposits from non-financial corporations amounted to 593 NOK billion at end-March 2014, up from NOK 538 billion at end-March 2013, which is a 10.2 per cent increase.

Public incorporated enterprises owned by central government increased most

Deposits from public incorporated enterprises owned by central government amounted to NOK 52 billion at end-March. Deposits from this sector increased the most among deposits from non-financial corporations, with a twelve-month growth of 43.6 per cent to end-March.

Deposits from public incorporated enterprises owned by central government constituted 9 per cent of total deposits from non-financial corporations at end-March.

Increase in deposits from households as well

Deposits from Norwegian households totalled NOK 950 billion at end-March, up from NOK 891 billion at end-March the previous year, which is an increase of 6.7 per cent.

Employees’ deposits amounted to NOK 908 billion at end-March. Compared to the same period last year, this is an increase of slightly more than NOK 59 billion, or 6.7 per cent. The growth rates in bank deposits from households are influenced by an expansion of the bank population as from December last year.

Non-financial corporations place most in transaction deposits

Total transaction deposits amounted to NOK 1 122 billion at end-March. Non-financial corporations and households placed NOK 407 and 242 billion of these deposits respectively. As a share of total transaction deposits, this constituted 36 and 22 per cent respectively.

Other deposits totalled NOK 1 710 billion at end-March, of which NOK 708 billion came from households. Non-financial corporations had NOK 186 billion as other deposits at end-March.

The monthly volatility in deposits is relatively large. This is due to terms of payments of taxes and pay-out of holiday money.