Labour market and earnings
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Registered unemployed (terminated in Statistics Norway)2020



The responsibility for the statistics is transferred to NAV in accordance with the national programme for official statistics which applied from 1 January 2021.

Unemployed persons registered at the Employment Office 15-74 years, by level of education.1
November 2019November 2020November 2019 - November 2020
TotalPer cent
1For many immigrants SSB has no information about their level of education. For 2014 and newer years figures includes an estimated level of education for missing values for these immigrants. For more information see About the statistics at www.ssb.no/utdanning/statistikker/utniv. The numbers of registered unemployed by education must not be mistaken with NAV's unemployment figures for education. NAV figures show self-reported highest commenced education. SSB's figures show the person's highest completed education mainly based on reports from education institutions. For more information, see About the statistics at www.ssb.no/utdanning/statistikker/utniv
2level of education Upper secondary education Upper secondary education includes intermediate level courses based on completed upper secondary level, but which are not accredited as tertiary education.
The whole country59 454108 98749 53383
Basic school level22 81937 16714 34863
Upper secondary education221 23837 87916 64178
Higher education, short8 31617 0258 709105
Higher education, long3 3206 6763 356101
Unknown or no completed education3 76110 2406 479172