Labour market and earnings;Immigration and immigrants
innvregsys, Employment among immigrants, register-based, immigrant background, country background, period of residence, employees, occupational groups, self-employed, industries (for example manufacturing, public administration, restaurants)Employment , Labour market and earnings, Labour market and earnings, Immigration and immigrants

Employment among immigrants, register-based2019, 4th quarter



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Employed (20-66 years), by immigrant-background and world region. 4th quarter1
2019Change last year
Absolute figuresPer cent share in each group2018 - 2019
Number of employedPercentage points
1As from 2015, the statistics are based on new data sources (a-ordningen), see further details in «About the statistics». The total number of employed persons is no longer coordinated with the Labour Force Survey (LFS) as before 2015, and does not correspond any more with LFS’s total number of employed. The figures for 2015 and onwards are therefore not comparable with the figures for previous years. For more information, see the article linked to the 2015-figures: http://www.ssb.no/en/arbeid-og-lonn/statistikker/regsys/aar/2016-05-27
Population in total2 508 11476.321 4150.2
Non-immigrant population2 069 12978.54 8360.1
Immigrants, total438 98567.116 5790.6
The Nordic Countries43 40179.5-170-0.2
Western Europe except the Nordic Countries and Turkey45 29674.51 788-0.1
EU members in Eastern Europe128 85274.92 136-0.3
Eastern Europe outside of EU38 18769.41 5110.6
North America and Oceania7 17567.1370-0.2
Asia118 74159.46 9131.4
Africa43 05254.03 4242.6
South and Central America14 28167.96070.3