Professionals attended most courses
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Professionals attended most courses

In the 2n d quarter 2003 315, 000 or 14 per cent of employed persons attended courses, seminars, conferences etc. with the intention of improving their job skills. The rate increased to 23 per cent for employed persons within occupations demanding education at a university level.

Employed persons in the occupational major group Professionals and Managers attended most courses etc., about 23 per cent participated during the last 4 weeks. The major group Elementary occupations had the lowest rate of participation with 4 per cent.

By industry - Public administration had the highest rate of participation with 23 per cent. In Health and social work and in Education the rate was 18 per cent. In mining and quarrying 24 per cent of the employed persons attended these learning activities.

Hours of learning activities

41 per cent of the learning activity participants had attended courses etc. with a total length from 1 hour up to 1 day during the last 4 weeks. The rate of participants who had been to courses 2 days was 21 per cent.

Other learning activities

Of all employed persons, 1 per cent had attended courses etc. because of personal or social purposes.

About the statistics

The figures only include courses, seminars, conferences etc. during the last 4 weeks. The purpose of attending these learning activities was mostly job- related. These statistics are not to be compared with former statistics on this subject. The questions have been changed and the participation rate has due to this increased from 10 to 14 per cent.