Highly educated attend most courses
Labour market and earnings
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The statistics has been discontinued.

Highly educated attend most courses

15 per cent of all employed persons attended courses, seminars, conferences etc. in the second quarter of 2007. Compared with recent years, the difference in course attendance between men and women is narrowing.

People with higher education still attend more courses, seminars and conferences than other people. In 2007, 22.2 per cent of employed women and 21.5 per cent of employed men attended such events, compared with 24 women and 20 per cent men in 2006.

Seasonal variations

The participation rate varies considerably from season to season and reaches a low in the third quarter. Most people attend courses in the fourth quarter. Figures for 2006 show that 9 per cent attended courses in the third quarter and 17 per cent in the fourth quarter. The participation rate in the first quarter is more or less the same as in the second quarter.

Changes in publishing

Prior to 2003, questions on course attendance were only included in the second quarter survey. As of 2003, such questions were asked every quarter. From now on, the statistics on course attendance will be published together with the other LFS statistics. The tables are available in StatBank Norway .