Reports 2021/20

Attitudes to development aid 2021

The results of the survey show high support for development aid in Norway. Nine out of ten supports aid towards Asia, Africa and Latin-America. This is an increase from the survey in 2017, and on par with the highest support recorded in the last 50 years.

When it comes to the structure of development assistance, there seems to be support for more development assistance for global public goods such as biological diversity, climate, peace and economic development assistance, and especially among the youngest. In the figures, we find more uncertainty about the question of whether development assistance should also be directed at the poor in countries that have had greater economic growth recently, which at the same time house large groups of poor inhabitants.

We are also registering increased support regarding how much money is set aside for development aid compared with previous years. There seems to be high support among the various population groups we have looked at, but we see a clear tendency that the younger age groups increasingly believe that the budget should be increased further compared with the older age groups.

Two out of five believe that development assistance produces fairly or very good results. This is a lower level then in 2017. Nevertheless, the view of the result of the assistance that is given is declining if we look at it over a longer period. The youngest are more positive about long-term aid, which is also reflected in several other indicators, while the oldest are more supportive of emergency aid.

As before, the respondents have the most faith in aid provided by voluntary organizations and international actors such as the UN. At the same time respondents find it important that conditions are set for countries that receives development aid (93 per cent).

More than before, and far more than for other questions in the survey, people choose "do not know" as their answer to questions about the effect of Norad's work. At the same time, a larger proportion than before of those who have answered seem to recognize Norad's contribution.

Most people know at least one aid organization (90 per cent). The Red Cross is mentioned by most (58 percent), but other organizations such as Save the Children, Red Cross and Norwegian Church Aid are also mentioned by many.

Most say that they are interested in matter about developing countries in the media (89 per cent). At the same time, there is still a tendency for people to think that the media portrays developing countries incorrectly and especially too positive image is often given.

Only three out of ten (33 per cent) can name a country with which Norway has development cooperation. Few of them mention the countries Norway contributes the most to.

Respondents in the survey were also asked if they had knowledge of the UN's sustainability goals. Three out of four of the respondents reported knowing some of the goals. This is a significant increase since 2017 where only half of the respondents answered. Although the increase applies to all groups, it has significantly increased among the youngest, where eight out of ten say they know the UN's sustainability goals.

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