Notater 2013/23

Green growth and challenges in "greening" statistical classifications

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This document provides a brief discussion of what is meant by “greening the economy” and presents some reflections about what it means to “green” official statistical systems. Some challenges that we face in implementing these potential changes are also discussed. A brief analysis of some of the statistical categories and classifications that are currently used in official statistics will be presented. Information available from Statistics Norway is used to illustrate a number of points.

Clear definitions are needed in order to produce valid, good quality, comparable statistics to meet user needs for information about “greening the economy” and about the “green” portions of economic activity. This is what is currently lacking in the discussion and description of “greening” and the “green economy.” Definitions of what we are wanting to measure, how to measure it and why this information is needed are important to clarify before more resources are used on this topic in the European Statistical System.

Authors: Julie Hass, Kristine Kolshus and Tonje Køber

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