Reduction in assessed tax for power companies
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Reduction in assessed tax for power companies

Assessed taxes for electric power companies were NOK 3.5 billion in 2002. This was 757 million more than the year before.

Main figures for electric power companies. 1998 - 2002. NOK million

The statistics include all taxpayers that come under the rules for taxation of electric power companies. These are companies that own hydroelectric power stations or which are entitled to withdraw power. These companies often engage in other activities in addition to electric power production, and a considerable part of the income comes from activities other than production and withdrawal of electric power.

Halving in community tax

Taxable income for electric power stations was more than halved from 2001, and amounted to NOK 12.9 billion in 2002. This entailed that assessed community tax was more than halved from 2001 to NOK 3.6 billion. Property tax was 4 million. This is also almost a halving from the year before.

Increase in tax on ground rent income

The ground rent income was NOK 4.1 billion, an increase of 805 million from 2001. Tax on ground rent income was NOK 1.1 billion, an increase of 217 million. The basis is set for each power station according to the rules in Section 18-3 of the Taxation Act. This is a state tax.

Stable tax on natural resources

Tax on natural resources was NOK 1.6 billion. This is about at the same level as previous years. Tax on natural resources is assessed on the power station's average production of electric power during the last seven years. This is a tax assessed by the municipalities and the counties and is calculated on the basis of a rate of NOK 0.011 per kilowatt-hour to the municipality and NOK 0.002 per kilowatt-hour to the county.

Tax deductions

Tax deduction for received dividends was 1.1 billion in 2002. This is a reduction of almost 70 per cent from 2001. Tax deduction for tax paid to foreign country was 221 million, a reduction of 147 million. Tax deduction for tax on natural resources was 1.5 billion, a reduction of 784 million from 2001.