Many small shareholders
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Ownership and roles in business enterprise sector (discontinued)1 January 2012



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Many small shareholders

Per 1 January 2012, 57 per cent of private and public limited companies had only one shareholder. At the same time, 30 per cent of the enterprises had only enterprises as shareholders.

Number of shareholders, by number of enterprises they are the major shareholders in. 1st January
Share of shareholdersShare of shareholders
Persons as shareholders644 533100.0
0 enterprises493 92876.6
1 foretak134 25320.8
2 enterprises14 0572.2
3 enterprises1 8490.3
4 enterprises3220.0
5-9 enterprises1200.0
10 or more enterprises40.0
Enterprises as shareholders91 397100.0
0 enterprises40 52244.3
1 foretak31 66534.6
2 enterprises10 08911.0
3 enterprises4 1584.5
4 enterprises1 8382.0
5-9 enterprises2 4712.7
10 or more enterprises6540.7

Although 57 per cent of the limited companies had only one shareholder, sole shareholders amounted to less then 8 per cent of all shareholders in total.

Few enterprises - many shareholders

Only 0.35 per cent (751) of the enterprises had more than 100 shareholders. However, these shareholders amounted to as much as 69 per cent of all the shareholders.

There are thus few large enterprises in terms of number of shareholders. However, the majority of the shareholders held shares in these enterprises.

Most personal shareholders without a majority shareholding

About one out of four of the personal shareholders were major shareholders in one or more enterprises. If we look at shareholders that are enterprises, over half of these were major shareholders in at least one enterprise.