Proportion of women almost unchanged
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Ownership and roles in business enterprise sector (discontinued)1 January 2005



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Proportion of women almost unchanged

The proportion of female owners in enterprises owned by physical personshas only increased marginally during the last year. Three out of four sole proprietorships are still owned by men.

Proportion of women highest in general partnerships

The highest proportion of women is found in general partnership (26.5 per cent). The highest number of women is found in sole proprietorships, which is the most common organisational structure among enterprises owned by physical persons.

Highest proportion of women in enterprises with many employees

One of four sole proprietorships has a female owner. The proportion of women increases with the size of the enterprise. Women own 36 per cent of the sole proprietorships with more than 50 employees.

Traditional choice of economic activity

Both women and men choose traditional industries. The largest share of female owners of sole proprietorships is found within health and social work (50.5 per cent) and other community, social and personal service activities (52 per cent). Men dominate as owners of sole proprietorships in construction (98.8 per cent), electricity, gas and water supply (97.5 per cent), financial intermediation (92.6 per cent) and transport, storage and communication (91.3 per cent)

Female owners are younger and more educated

While almost four out of ten female owners have higher education, this is the case for three out of ten male owners. Female owners are also younger than male owners. Six out of ten female owners are younger than 44 years, against five out of ten male.

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