Close ties with Sweden


About 330 000 persons are working for subsidiaries of foreign companies. The vast majority of these companies belong to groups located in the EU or in the USA, and Sweden is the most important partner country.


A total of 436 more enterprises were subject to foreign control during 2016, and there were 7 685 subsidiaries of foreign companies in Norway. These enterprises accounted for 331 000 employees and NOK 1 264 billion in turnover, which was 21 per cent of the employment and 26 per cent of the turnover within the Norwegian business sector as a Whole.

Measured in number of enterprises, Sweden was the largest ownership country with 2 246 subsidiaries, followed by Denmark with 992 and Great Britain with 721. Measured in turnover, however, the USA was the largest ownership country with a total share of 19 per cent, but Sweden is closing the gap.

Total value added by subsidiaries of foreign companies amounted to NOK 390 billion in 2016. This was quarter of the total value added by the Norwegian business sector as a whole. Subsidiaries of US companies generated 20 per cent of the value added, while subsidiaries of Swedish companies generated 19 per cent.

Figure 1. Share of value added by country. 2016

Per cent
USA 20 % 79774262
Sweden 19 % 72483011
Netherlands 10 % 39943853
France 8 % 29819143
Great Britain 8 % 29318721
Denmark 7 % 27340025
Germany 7 % 26875342
Other 22 % 83967135