Significant increase in household consumption of goods
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Index of household consumption of goodsAugust 2014



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Significant increase in household consumption of goods

Household consumption of goods rose 1.4 per cent from July to August 2014, according to seasonally-adjusted figures. All consumption groups, except food and beverages, went up. This month’s increase in household consumption follows a decrease in the previous month.

Index of household consumption of goods. Main table. Percentage volume change from the previous month. Seasonally adjusted. 2005=100
August 2014July 2014June 2014May 2014April 2014
Of all goods1.5-1.71.3-0.2-0.2
Food, beverages and tobacco-0.8-1.01.7-0.30.5
Electricity and heating fuels4.4-2.4-
Purchases of vehicles and petrol3.4-3.52.4-0.2-4.8
Other goods2.1-1.51.2-0.80.5
Figure 1. Index of household consumption of goods, seasonally adjusted and unadjusted. 2005=100

The biggest contributions to growth came from the consumption groups clothing and footwear, as well as furniture and household equipment. In total, these consumption groups contributed to pulling up household consumption by approximately 0.7 percentage points. Purchases of vehicles and petrol went up 3.4 per cent after a similar decline in the previous month. Consumption of electricity and heating fuels went up 4.4 per cent.

Consumption of food and beverages went down 0.8 per cent, and this contributed to pulling down the consumption of goods by 0.3 percentage points. This decline follows after high seasonally-adjusted levels in the previous two months.

Without adjusting for calendar effects and seasonality, household consumption of goods was at the same level in August 2014 as in the same month the year before.