Minor change in consumption
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Index of household consumption of goodsAugust 2008



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Minor change in consumption

It was a small increase of the total household consumption of 0.2 per cent from July to August measured with seasonally adjusted figures. The largest change was for the commodity group purchase of vehicles and petrol, which had a growth of 2.1 per cent.

The consumption of the different commodity groups varied, whereas overall there was a small change only in the seasonally adjusted index.

There was a decrease in the consumption of the commodity groups electricity and heating fuels of 1.8 per cent and of food, beverages and tobacco of 0.3 per cent. It was in particular the fuel consumption that fell compared with the previous month.

Purchase of vehicles and petrol and other goods such as sports equipment, books, clothing and footwear, grew by 2.1 and 0.2 per cent respectively.

In August 2008, the index of household consumption of goods in total was 3.7 per cent lower than in the same month in the previous year. The consumption group food, beverages and tobacco was the only group with a growth in consumption compared with August 2007. Here it was a minor increase of 0.5 per cent.

Method differs from the index of retail sales

The index of household consumption of goods describes the development in household consumption, while the index of retail sales measures the development in retail sales. As opposed to the index of retail sales, the index household consumption of goods has a wider selection of goods. The calculation of the index of household consumption of goods is based on information from the index of retail sales plus purchases of cars (initial registration), sales data from petrol stations (petrol and other goods) and consumption of electricity and heating fuels. This may result in deviations in the development of the two indices.

The index of household consumption of goods uses the same definitions and methods of compilation as the quarterly national accounts, and thus serves as an indicator of household consumption in the quarterly national accounts.

Since Statistics Norway gives high priority to timeliness in the release of statistics, the index of household consumption of goods may have to rely on preliminary estimates in some cases. This implies that such estimates will be replaced in subsequent releases.

Index of household consumption of goods, August 2008. Seasonally adjusted and unadjusted volume index. August 2007-August 2008. 1995=1001
Period Seasonally adjusted Change from previous
month. Per cent
Unadjusted Change from the same
month last year. Per cent
August  152.0 0.0  156.6 7.6
September  153.4 0.9  143.8 5.0
October  153.3 -0.1  152.9 10.5
November  154.4 0.7  157.9 8.7
December  153.3 -0.7  195.1 4.5
January  151.0 -1.5  144.0 0.7
February  153.6 1.8  138.4 7.9
March  153.4 -0.2  142.0 -5.4
April  152.7 -0.5  148.1 11.8
May  153.4 0.5  152.0 3.0
June  152.2 -0.7  154.5 -3.8
July  150.4 -1.2  153.3 1.4
August  150.7 0.2  150.7 -3.7
1  Please note that the indices have been revised.