Wholesale and retail trade and service activities
The statistics include washing and dry cleaning of textile and fur products, hairdressing and other beauty treatment, funeral and related activities and repair of computers and personal and household goods.

Other service activities, turnover (discontinued)6th period 2013


Statistics on turnover for the other service activities. Turnover exclusive value added tax. NOK million
Turnover (NOK mill.)1Change i per cent
6th period 20136th period 20126th period 2012 - 6th period 2013This year compared with the same period last year
1VAT is not included.
2Details figures found in Statbank Norway, figure number 09348.
3Industry division 96.0 include: 96.01 Washing and dry cleaning of textile and fur products, 96.02 Hairdressing and other beauty treatment and 96.03 Funeral and related activities
Industry division 95-962
Total2 668.52 622.91.72.2
95.1 Repair of computers and communication equipment218.3205.36.31.4
95.2 Repair of personal and household goods195.1196.4-0.7-0.3
96.0 Other personal service activities32 255.12